Prelims Preparation Plan for SBI PO 2016

Prelims Preparation Plan for SBI PO 2016

SBI is a multinational bank that gives investment banking, reserve funds, insurance and many various services to the people. More than 2.3 lakhs representatives have been working in this SBI bank. They are well known by these services and to provide such services they keep on recruiting applicants who are skilled and fit for working. Bank Coaching Centres in Chennai T Nagar having well experienced banking professionals to guide you on how to prepare for SBI PO Prelims 2016.

Do you know the Exam Pattern?

There are three phases:

  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main Examination
  • Group Discussion & Interview

Here SBI clerk exam coaching centre Chennai explaining the preparation plan in detailed and descriptive:  It has in total of three subjects which as follows:

  • English
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning Ability

What are the tips to crack all section in SBI PO?

<<!!  Reasoning !!>>

First we will see about reasoning section. Reasoning is a test for our mental and problem solving ability. You should understand the question properly before solving it but don’t waste your much time for single question. You should be very careful while answering the questions.  We at Bank Exam Training Centers in Chennai recommend students to practice more questions from previous model or exam papers. The important questions from this section are on the subjects as follows.

  • Seating Arrangements
  • Syllogism
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Directions
  • Blood Relations
  • Analogy
  • Classification
  • Series problems
  • Ranking
  • Data sufficiency

Which questions you need to solve first

It’s ideal to solve those questions on which you are more confident and you can attend in a lesser time. Kindly don’t begin with Seating Arrangement/Puzzle questions because that once you stuck in these types of questions, you will lose your time.

<<!! Numerical  !!>>

This area contains the fundamental numerical questions. Before practicing such mathematics, it is ideal to experience the basic mathematical formulae and take in some alternate ways to solve the questions. The important questions from this section are on the subjects as follows.

Number Systems


Ratio and Proportion

Time & Work


Profit & Loss

Simple Interest & Compound Interest


Time & Distance



Bar graph, Pie-chart and Probability

< !! English Language!!>

In daily practice you can get good practice in English language. As we all read English books, talk with your friends in English and obviously watching English movies. Most of the understudies face trouble in this area. The imperative questions from this area are on the subjects as follows

  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Error Correction
  • Vocabulary
  • Cloze Test and Fill in the blanks
  • Para jumbles
  • Synonyms & Antonyms

Apart from this study material, few tips from SBI PO exam coaching in Chennai:

  • Make a habit of reading English newspapers daily.
  • Make a practice of watching English channels
  • Improve your vocabulary by knowing 10 new words everyday along with its Meaning.

All the best Guys!!

Tips to Crack the IBPS Clerk 2016

Now that final interview and placement process for IBPS PO 2015 is going, and this is the ideal opportunity for preparation of IBPS Clerical 2016. The competitors are both anxious and confident about the exams. The certain ones are occupied fine tuning the final strategies, while the anxious aspirants are doubtful about the pattern, trouble, clearing cutoff or scoring well. We at bank exam coaching centers in Chennai are being barraged with queries like these. Hence, we have chosen to prepare a comprehensive list of things you have to know to crack IBPS Clerk.

Mains Exam is of 200 Marks & Time Duration to this IBPS Clerk Main Exam is 2 Hours. There are 40 Questions from each topic

1. Reasoning questions for 40 marks

2. English questions for 40 marks

3. Quantitative Aptitude questions for 40 marks

4. General Awareness questions for 40 marks

5. Computer Knowledge questions for 40 Marks.

Each Question is of one Mark and every part is of equal importance so competitors need to focus on each & every part of this exam.

Applicants should be aware that there is a negative marking of 0.25 Marks in this exam, so plan accordingly.

Tips to crack IBPS Clerk exam

Here IBPS coaching center in Chennai presenting some tips to crack IBPS clerk exam:

As the Level of IBPS Clerk is high contrasted with other bank’s exam so applicants need to work hard regularly.

Concentrate on your goal, regular reading of syllabus topics, News paper and selection oriented arrangement just helps you to break this exam. Prepare topic wise, which means taking one topic at one time & practice more questions on that topic makes you feel more confident in your exam. Current affairs is a very important topic to concentrate.

After reading all syllabus, take your own time to revise important subjects related to the syllabus topics. In revision process, concentrate more on your weak topic.

Mock Tests:- Take more mock tests with time duration of 2 Hour which helps you to concentrate your weak subjects. It is better to take online mock tests because it gives you proper feel of exams and you can practice to manage your time for solve the questions. You have to pay attention towards time during exams.

Practice is a only factor that often differentiates the topper from other candidates. So, start your exam preparations today. Bank exam training centers in Chennai wish you happy study times!!!

How to Improve your Preparation for Banking Exams

It is assessed that more than 7.5 Lakh applicants will be selected in Public Sector banks throughout the next 5 years. As the nature of graduates passing out of colleges enhances, the competition for these banking jobs continues to be high.

Setting yourself well to bank exams is the way to discovering success as a potential PSU banker. With a success rate of just 1.5% in Bank PO exams, it is basic to ensure that all the online exam and the interview you can showcase high score makes you deserving of the position you are applying for.

Know where you are

This part of the planning procedure is frequently neglected by the competitors. Since the bank exams put just your basic aptitude to test, it is often characteristic to fall into the “I know-everything” trap. While you might be tried on secondary school math and quantitative, the real test lies in taking your rate to such a level, to the point that you can leave lakhs of different hopefuls behind. In addition, the improvement in your speed must happen with no trade off on your accuracy.

In a bank exam, you get only 120 minutes to solve 200 questions. This means you have 36 seconds per question. It is evident that simply “knowing” the facts is not enough to crack the exam. Only by taking as many mock tests as possible, can you assess where you stand presently and where you need to be.

Understanding the Examination

If you have involved yourself for IBPS Coaching Center in Chennai, you will realize that the aptitude required for a large portion of the competitive exams is very comparable. In any case, depending upon the kind of the exam you are appearing for your procedure should be balanced and calibrated.

For example, in the IBPS Common Written Exam 2015 (CWE 2016), you should have the ability to showcase that you are proficient in all areas. This implies that you have to meet the cut off requirement for each section.

You should know that banking exam comes with:

  • Negative marking
  • Need to clear each section
  • Questions that have different levels of difficulty
  • Questions that required strong calculation skills
  • Requirement for time management
  • Settle on Professional IBPS PO exam coaching classes in Chennai

 A concern normally raised by applicants is whether they should enroll themselves with the Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai. This question originates from the suspicion that they are sufficiently able to tackle the difficulties of the examination easily, since they know the greater part of the ideas. While this level of certainty can be the factor that offers you some assistance for obtaining the position as a banker, however this alone is not sufficient.

Bank exam

Get Ready for the Bank Exams

Bank exams are considered as very difficult. They are a passage to numerous prestigious jobs offered by the bank. With the increase in the development chart of the banking sector, the vacancy for bank jobs has also increased. This has increased the role played by Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai T Nagar and the preparation methods they follows. These coaching centers provide a typical stage to qualified students from all scholastic backgrounds to improve their insight & knowledge so pick the best institute for bank coaching in Chennai. The recruitment process is depends on the performance of the students in both the exams and the interview. The syllabus recommended by the bank is many and should be prepared well. There are numerous tips accessible on the web, which help you to get ready for your bank exam.

Banks offer a large opening for job. With the development of the banks and the opening of new branches in various part of the nation, there are many requirements for people to do different part in the bank. In any case, the vacancy is so high, the recruitment process is really tough and only the most talented hopefuls can achieve this successful stage. Here are a few tips to be remembered while get ready for the bank exams:

Ensure your vocabulary is good because there is a separate section for vocabulary related questions.

Study the syllabus completely. Spend more time to the subjects from the syllabus, which have the highest mark.

Read supplementary notes. Booklets gave by the bank are essential but not sufficient. There will be numerous students preparing from them, however in order to score the high you have to prepare the best.

Bank exams, as every competitive exam, concentrate with current affairs. Ensure they are a part of the syllabus and give most important to them.

Make a habit of reading the newspapers daily because it helps a lot to stay updated with the current affairs and increase your vocabulary.

Also, you can practice from model tests, quizzes to gain knowledge on different subjects.

It is better to learn about the bank rules and regulations that it helps you during the interview session.

As all we know that bank recruitment is a tough process and it is purely based on the applicant ability and competence level. The above tips can offer you some assistance with preparing for the bank exam. There are numerous students who have worked hard and beaten the bank exams with the help of bank exam training centers in Chennai, they are driving a luxurious life and hired at good posts in different banks.

Competitive Exams

Guidance to Clear the Competitive Exams

“Today’s the competition is really hard”

This is a very common word saying around us. Be that as it may, whether this is really true or just a talk. I thought this is only a talk as competition is hard just for the people who are not having proper approach to compete. So today Bank Coaching Centres in Chennai T Nagar going to share a few tips that can help you to score any competitive exam.

Time Allotment

In each exam the allocation of time is truly critical. Questions may be divided into sections as like GK, Quans, Reasoning, English and so on so you should separate your time as per the sections. All we know that Quans needs more time than GK. Soset your time for every section. At the point when the allocated time is over then you should start other section. Attempt to solve all of the questions but don't waste much time on a single section. This will help you all that much, particularly in those situations where it is required to qualify every one of the areas. So allot your time accordingly.

Save every second of time

Here Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai T Nagar help you on how to save you time. You should save every second. After solving every question, many candidates mark their answer on OMR sheet. This may waste your time for each question. Also our target is also disturbed when we do like this, so the best approach to save this time and target is to check the entire question at the end of every section or after solving all the questions. Remember that every second is valuable.

Set priorities

You should set much priority to simple questions. As in each and every exam there are constantly some difficult questions that need to use few formulas or long calculation. So try to avoid those questions and, first solve all the questions that are having some shortcut methods or simple calculations to solve. This will also save your time and energy.

Get prepared

Get your records ready. You should take your admit card, ID card, Photographs during the exam and it is better to keep it on the table. So that invigilator can check them without interrupting you.

Take your own documents

The most important one is that you should have your own things like pen, pencil, and eraser, gum etc. so that you don’t need to approach anyone for these things.These tips can help you to perform better in the exam. Stay cool and quiet. Because your mentally preparation is very important as you planning for the exam.

IBPS Main Exam

How to Prepare for IBPS Main Exam?

BPS Clerk Exam 2015 is only a week away. Result has already announced for IBPS Clerk preliminary Exam. Now it is the time for IBPS clerk main exam and everyone is involved in embracing proper procedure to get high score in IBPS main exam.

What comes in your mind when you think about Bank Exam? It is a human tendency to target large number of things with minimum possible effort. We wish to achieve maximum yield by applying minimum input and amazingly IBPS clerk exams are the best examples of them. Catch the IBPS coaching classes from Bank Coaching Centres in Chennai T Nagar and change your dream into reality.

As Preliminary Exam is starting stage for IBPS Clerk Recruitment, the hopefuls who will qualify Prelims exam will be qualified to show up for Main exams. The individuals who will qualify the main exam will be called for interview and in final selection; marks of the main exam and interview together will get numbered. The preparatory exam imprints will get tallied just for selection of applicants in the main exam so, it is great time for the applicants to get themselves prepared for Main exam. For IBPS Clerk exam 2015 there be an online objective test on General Awareness, English, Numerical ability, Reasoning Ability and Computer Knowledge.

There will be negative marking and 0.25 marks will be reduced for each wrong answer and this online test will be followed by an interview. To get more details about the training classes or exam syllabus of IBPS Clerk visit Bfit, Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai T Nagar and get the IBPS exam coaching classes to achieve high score. For your information Bfit has full-fledged institute which conducts more mock tests and online tests for IBPS bank clerk preparation in both Hindi and English. Our study package contains advanced books and study materials on all the topics of IBPS Clerk exam which are fully updated and are in tune with the latest exam pattern of IBPS bank clerk test. To get an edge over your competitors get the coaching from the Bank Exam Training Centers in Chennai and follow the preliminary materials and guidance they provide for achieving sure shot of success. Now for your benefit BFit has its branches in different spots which are easy to visit.

IBPS Exam Study Plan for 2015

IBPS Exam Study Plan for 2015

Time management is the way to success particularly in competitive exams. With IBPS Clerical planned for the next month, there is really at any time left for preparation. In this matter, it is vital to plan proficiently the little time available. With exams like IBPS clerical and PO exam 2015, SBI Recruitment exam lined up one after other, now it is a time to make a perplexing plan for your preparation furthermore for your exam. Here, IBPS Coaching Center in Chennai presents you some important points for your preparation.

Make a Study Plan:
Not everyone is an expert in everything. So, analyze your capabilities before endeavoring IBPS Clerk exam. Make your negatives as positives. There may be distinctive contemplating requests like - to learn, practice, do assignments, research and so on. Rather than designating consistent hours for simply learning, you can make your study hours intriguing by separating them among the exercises said above. Try not to follow the same administration consistently. Change the subjects and timings to maintain a strategic distance from seeming like daily plan.

The arrangement to plan for IBPS exam 2015 must be implementable, for instance, you can't allocate 5 hours of study for one subject without a break. Rather, divide 5 hours into 2 spaces each allocated to different subjects with a break of 10-15 minutes for each.

Follow Your Plan
The fundamental idea of making a Study arrangement is to follow it. Implementation of the plan is most vital to succeed in IBPS Clerk exam. Stay away from outer disturbances and pressurizing yourself. Keep in mind that objectives must be accomplished if you regard deadlines. Set right needs to accomplish the accurate objectives.

Evaluate your Plan
Once you start following your schedule, you can easily identify the pitfalls. But wait for at least a week before you measure its effectiveness. Also you can take IBPS PO exam coaching classes in Chennai for IBPS. With the experience of their conducted mock tests, analyze your abilities and weakness and comfort levels during the exam. Based on these, create a strong plan to follow in the upcoming exam.

Line up the Sections
Settle on which segments you would be endeavoring when. A few individuals propose beginning off an exam on a sure note by endeavoring English, Computer Science and General Awareness initially, trailed by Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning. While others contend that teaming the most troublesome areas together would lessen your mental quality and fixation levels. So in view of your aptitudes and capacity, make an individual plan on the most proficient method to endeavor the different areas in IBPS exam 2015. Once you follow these plans presented.

All the best for IBPS exam and SBI Associate Recruitment exams!

IBPS Clerical Exam Preparation Plans

IBPS Clerical Exam Preparation Plans

With a proper plan and guidance it is easy to break the IBPS Clerk exam in first attempt. The person who likes to apply for an IBPS clerk exam should prepare some plan by scheduling the time table, partitioning all the sections, and allocating appropriate time based on the subject difficultness. While preparing, everyone should know the important things as a notable reference. Here IBPS coaching center in Chennai show you some important things for preparation.

Reasoning is conducted to test the people thinking ability, logical skills and analysis skills. Reasoning will be characterized into:
• Verbal reasoning
• Non-Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning:
Some of the major concepts you have to prepare are Analogy, Blood relations, seating arrangement, Coding and de-coding, series completion, decision making and statement reasoning.

Non-Verbal Reasoning:
Series Completion, Classification, Analogy.

Comprehension, Sentence correction is to be focused more. Generally you should get more grab on English grammar. It will be valuable in finding relational words in entries.

Quantitative Aptitude:
Candidates need to focus more on Data Interpretation in this area. Also one must be mindful in solving pie diagram, bar graph and line graphs. Also Simple - Compound Interest Permutations, combinations, Ratio - proportion - variation, Profit -loss, Probability, Average, Number Theory (remainders), Time - Speed, Geometry (Area, Volume, Perimeter) concepts should be practiced more. By preparing last year exam papers we can recognize that 75 percent of inquiries were related to banking examination and the rest 25 percent were related to current affairs and general knowledge in this area. Along these lines, you need to get more mindfulness on banking industry such as interest rates, logos, banking related wording and their meanings. For current affairs and general knowledge games, books and journalists, awards, evaluation, science and innovation are the concepts to be prepared.

Computer Knowledge:
Computer Basics such as operating system, Software, hardware, Internet, Network, MS-Office, database and shortcuts techniques were to be focused in this area.

Day by day practice of model test papers by assigning maximum 20 minutes to every section. Within 100 minutes you should finish all areas, now you can utilize remaining 20 minutes to unsolved questions in all the segments.

You can also take IBPS PO classes in Chennai for IBPS coaching, the experts in the training institute are very helpful in providing guidance and tips to clear bank exams. Bank exam Coaching centres in Chennai providing some tips here,

1. First concentrate more on basics in each and every section.
2. Prepare a daily preparation plan and follow regularly.
3. Don’t forget to read daily newspapers and please make a note of important points.
4. Spend some more time on the sections that are more difficult to you.
5. Learn shortcuts for Reasoning and Numerical ability.

Coaching Classes versus Self Preparation

Coaching Classes versus Self Preparation

For any competitive examination, both self-preparation and coaching classes are important today. Whether self-preparation or attending coaching classes, which is best? It has been an ongoing topic of open deliberation today. It is not so much astute to say that any of this is better to the other as both of this have their advantages and disadvantages. Both the preparation method has its own particular statements and it is up to a person to choose which one suits his/him the best. Let we see some of the advantages that both the strategies offer.

Coaching Classes

Coaching Classes has changed the entire situation in these recent days. IBPS PO exam coaching classes in Chennai are frequently organized by experienced staff and educators. They keep on watching for the changes in exam syllabus and accordingly define their own educational module so that their students get the better and best opportunity to clear it. Likewise, IBPS coaching center in Chennai carry their years of experience that prove to be useful for their students.

Answering a question is one thing yet answering it in a constrained time needs skill and this is the thing that bank exam training centers in Chennai helps you clean. They not simply train you the syllabus of an exam additionally work upon your pace with the goal so that you can solve the questions quicker. They examine you, teach you shortcut method, give you tips and work with you so that you learn them rapidly and quickly.


Self-Preparation is considered as the perfect tool to clear any competitive exam and same is the logic for Bank PO and clerical examination also. No one can find your weak areas in your subject, only self-studies help you to understand your weak and strong areas. When you understand your areas and the level where you stand, you can start your preparation appropriately. Internet is the good friend if you have doubt in any subject and also you can learn more by practicing yourself, furthermore you will the capacity to perform in actuality. The best component of self-preparation is that the skill you gain throughout your life.

There is no assurance that coaching class or self-preparation will help you pass the examination as it all relies on the diligent work that you do and the dedication, inspiration, and interest that you have for it. Endurance is the excellence and hard work is your stepping stool. Try not to think of reaching the top suddenly instead give yourself some time and start reaching slowly and gradually. Keep in mind one thing- disappointment is just one more step that brings you closer to achievement. So don’t worry over disappointments and keep your resolution strong and focused yourself.

Do you know the Importance of Bank Coaching Classes

Need for bank coaching

The banking sector unlike other career options can provide a well stable career and a job to settle in life. For the same reason, the competition for the bank exam is pretty tight. It is said that almost twenty or above percentage of total pass out students from many states in India are directly applying for bank coaching. This is a fairly huge number of competitors for each student. As the numbers of competitors are high, and the stiff competition, it is a necessity for a student to undergo some kind of training or the other.

Depending on this necessity, bank coaching centers have come up across the nation in a huge scale. In metro cities athe demand of good Bank Exam Training Centers are huge. Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc have a very stiff competition even among themselves. And the students are looking forward only to the Best Bank Exam Coaching Centers in Chennai and other metro cities, as they require the best in class training for a better success.

Some of the Best Institute for Bank Coaching in Chennai like larger area cities have multiple branches in the same city to satisfy the need of the ever growing interest of students to begin a career in the banking sector. The basic post of an assistant/clerk has such competition that the numbers have come across in lacks, of students who attend the bank exam each year. In this situation, due to the reputation on their side, the Best Institute for Bank Coaching in Chennai like places has the upper hand. And these Bank Exam Training Centers needs to be updated all the time for news, vacancies available, and move with the increasing demand of quality.

While most of the bank coaching centers use conventional and proved methods for training, while Some Best Bank Exam Coaching Centers in Chennai like places always try and take risk to implement new and updated training strategies to stay and thrive on the stiff competition among the educational institutions. And such risks also pay them off heavily at times. But in order to survive in the industry, such risks are inevitable. In this competitive era, only the advanced and latest strategies have the highest priority and can lead the pack.

On concluding, A career in banking sector is a stable job, and a way to settle in life, the competition for bank exams are very high. As the bank exams being one of the toughest, without a good training, it is difficult to achieve success in the stiff competition. to reach your goal and succeed the bank exams with a high score it is necessary to implement some simple and effective methods as taught by experts, so any student can face and succeed the bank exam with ease.